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A touchng fight…! BOY- I wan

Category:Love SMS Shared by: nitin9175867120

A touchng fight…!
BOY- I want to end our relationship..I am going to return you everything you gave me…!
GIRL-ok then let’s start with love…


,*, ,**, ,***, ,****, ""II

Category:Friendship SMS Shared by: Jhaamit1994

"Happy Christmas"


We make Friends Some become D

Category:Friendship SMS Shared by: jack986

We make Friends
Some become Dearest
Some become Special
Some go abroad
Some change their Cities
Some leave Us
Or we leave some
Some are in contact&
some are not
Whatever they were
wherevre they are
We still remember them
Because the part they played made
MEMORIES in our lyf.
If you love your friends, paste this as it is your status like me....


Teacher:chidrens exams r neari

Category:Jokes Shared by: URAYMADHU

Teacher:chidrens exams r nearing, if u have any doubt u can ask me.
boys:in which printing press question paper printed


Peep..... Peep..... Sorry, My

Category:Jokes Shared by: Somyadee Das

Peep..... Peep.....
Sorry, My sms car was in a traffic jam. So, I am too late to you wish "HAPPY NEW YEAR-2012"


1st Card 4 U *!""""'""'""'""'

Category:Christmas Shared by: Chavda dhruv

1st Card 4 U
*! ,+""+.+""+, !*
*! + HAPPY + !*
*! "+. .+" !*
*! "+" !*
*! X'MAS !*
*!========= !*


Its purity of heart that matte

Category:Jokes Shared by: sandip debnath

Its purity of heart that matters,
Not the external appearance.
Because helping hands are always
Better than praying lips!


Hi fkt maitri ahe g.. yala pr

Category:Love SMS Shared by: sagar

Hi fkt maitri ahe g..
yala premache nav nko deuyat..
ya natyala nastya bndhnat nko adkvuyat..
tujya chahryavrch hasya asch rahave..
mi nehmi prytna karin..
tuja majyavrcha vishwas asch rahava..
mi nehmi satrk rahin..
pn maitrila prem nko smju..
pn bndhala prem gath nko maru..
ase nai k tu mla tshi awdt nais..
mla tu khup awdtes..
ase nai k tu ek changli jodidar nais..
tu ek sundr jiwnsathi bnshil...
premache nate shevtparynt nai nibhau shknar mi..
shevtchya shwasaparynt
sath nai deu shknar mi..
mhnunch hi god maitri ashi asu de..
mhnunch he god nate asch fulu de..


Bus conductor say full pant fu

Category:Jokes Shared by: URAYMADHU

Bus conductor say full pant full tickt
half pant half tickt
suddenly balakrishna removd his pant&says no pant no tickt


To accomplish great things, We

Category:Friendship SMS Shared by: rinshadkomath

To accomplish great things,
We must not only act,
But also dream,
Not only plan but also believe,
Best wishes for your exam.


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